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Founder CEO & Secretary of Rural Environmental Development And Implementation Foundation

Chandan Kumar Maitra is Rural Environmental Development & Implementation Foundation’s Founder/CEO/Secretary. He started working in Soma Enterprise Limited (HYD based Construction Company) in the capacity of Administrations of the Bangalore – Karnataka office in 2004. In mid-2008, he acquired Elevated High Ways Project and crisis management operations, also involve in State Bank of India Business Correspondent, BC Code: 759905/1A81 from 2012 to present. on the post of State Head/Manager Systems, Office administration for and also touched with Local Head office KOLKATA circle of SBI with AGM authorization. and created Rural Environmental Development & Implementation Foundation. As of July 22nd 2015 – 16 with Rural Business & Media.

During his career in, Chandan Kumar Maitra established himself as a renowned crisis communications for rural people help. He was instrumental in founding the Rural Environmental Development & Implementation Foundation. He is a long time employee of the many constructions company of Public Relations. In the past, Chandan held a wide range of managerial positions spanning from planning, international and domestic trade, agriculture to transport and healthcare.

Having worked for a number of years as a strong and confidential employee, Chandan enjoys excellent relations with foreign and local media and Indian politicians. Thanks to his language skills in Bengali, Hindi, English and Telugu, he worked as translator for key figures of the Hindi/Bengali to Telugu public life including. Chandan graduated from the University of Karnataka, Bangalore in 2004 with a degree in Bsc (English). He also completed a one-year Diplomatic program at the Security in Electronic Banking & Finance (BCA, in IT. DC. Web Design, Development, Rural Banking Technology, Data Communication) & Certificate of Business Correspondent (2017) of the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance Kolkata/Mumbai. And Also earn Diplomatic Certificate From International Business Management Institute of Berlin (Germany) On the course of Basic Financial Concept (2019), UIDAI Certificate of Sr. Spvr. (NSEIT – Kolkata), IRDA (Certificate Course -2019-22)

He is fluent in Bengali, Hindi and English.


Mr, Atiur Rahman

Asst. Director & Vice President

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Md Abdu Odud

President (3) & Director

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